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Alma Thai is a center of therapies specializing in the ancestral and ancient oriental techniques with which you will achieve a balance between body and mind, increasing your health, wellbeing and beauty.

Traditional Thai massage, Thai massage with oils, shiatsu massage, foot reflexology, Japanese facial k-obid-o.

We treat different ailments with the techniques of Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture. Moxibustion Electro acupuncture Suction cups, Auriculotherapy and Tuina Massage.

We are also experts in very modern therapeutic techniques very effective to decontract and treat ailments of the musculoskeletal system:

Quiromassage, sports massage, deep tissue

Enjoy special moments with a good relaxing massage, in pairs or four hands.

Leading the team of therapists is Cristian, co-founder of the center and therapist who has extensive experience and is qualified by different international schools.

• Higher Degree in Health and Natural Therapies

• Diploma in Sports Massage

• Diploma in Chiromassage

• Thai Massage Diploma Chiang Mai and Wat Po

• Higher Diploma in Acupuncture and Moxibustion from the Alcocer Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture


He has numerous specialties that complement her therapies and has worked in different alternative therapies clinics in Santiago de Chile and Madrid.

All Alma Thai therapists are certified and have experience and very good results with their therapies.

We advise you and see what or what are the most appropriate therapies for you, we customize the treatments.

Thai Massage


Deep and rebalancing. Ideal for people with muscle pains or joints. Improve posture, increase flexibility, recover energy.






Ideal to remove years without going through the scalpel. Using deep and precise massage methods that work the facial muscles alleviates wrinkles, improves the oxygenation and nutrition of the skin cells, activates, illuminates and tones.






It achieves a profound therapeutic effect by means of pressure and by gentle stretching for the correct channeling of vital energy. Ideal to release stress and control anxiety.



Indicated to treat and prevent muscular ailments and discomforts decreasing accumulated tension. It helps promote circulation, relaxation and well-being. Ideal to treat contractures and muscle tension.




Discover what Chinese medicine can do for you! Chinese medicine uses acupuncture, tuina massage, phytotherapy, suckers, moxibustion or auriculotherapy as the main treatment techniques ... depending on what the patient needs





A perfect complement for the well-being of our body. Through a process similar to the one that sustains acupuncture, it manages to improve the functioning of our organs.s


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Alma Thai, Oriental Therapies in Playa del Carmen!

 We help you improve your health, wellbeing and beuty.

Acupuncture,Tuina, Traditional Thai Massage, Zen shiatsu, Reflexology, Japanese facial massage, Sport massage, Quiromassage and Deep tissue.



Information and appointments: +52 1 984 1352171  -  +52 1 984 1873328

Open  9:00 A.M. a 19:00 P.M.